Teen Group 7th - 12th Grade

We live in a day where our young people are experiencing temptations around every corner. Many youth groups in America currently cater and minister to their teens through worldly and entertaining methods such as: rock music, dancing, poor dress and lack of holy living.


We believe that what you win a teen with, is what you will win him to. Our teen ministry is focused on reaching teens with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, instilling them with Biblical wisdom so they can grow and make the right decisions inline with God's will for their lives.


A teen's growth in the Lord can be achieved through balance living. Jesus is the greatest example for an young person in having a balanced Christian life: "And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man." - Luke 2:52



Sunday School - Bro. Ivan Moore

At this time, a solid Bible lesson is conducted every Sunday morning. We know that for every one of life's questions or problems, the Bible always has an answer. We want teens to know and have a personal relationship with Christ, and know that He is always on their side.



Wednesday Night Class - Bro. Bill Jones

A special mid-week class to recharge our teens' Christian walk with the Lord. At this class, teens meet together and enjoy a Bible study, play games and have fun, and have a time of prayer with one another.



Friends are an important part of any young person's life. Through our ministries here at Saguaro Hills, teens have the opprtunity to meet and fellowship with other like-faith teens and develop healthy friendships that encourages learning and growing together in Christ.