The following is a list and simple description of each Sunday School class we currently offer at 9:00 AM every Sunday. The Lord may direct you and your family to Saguaro Hill to serve and assist us in lighting up our world for Jesus Christ.


  • PreK - 2nd Grade (Adrian Hall, Jr. Church Room)
    This pre-primary class provides introductory unerstanding of basic Biblical truth. Learning introductory Bible stories and lessons, this class introduces young people to our wonderful Saviour and his love for us.
  • 3rd - 4th Grade (Adrain Hall, Rm. 10)
    As children enter the primary class, they begin to learn more about Jesus' saving grace and about other people in Bible. They also begin to learn how to face new challenges that they face from the world around them.
  • 5th - 6th Grade (Adrain Hall, Rm. 9)
    The junior class focuses on preparing these young people for their teen years. Many young ones at this age are distracted by the many things world offers, often forgetting about their personal relationship with the Lord. The teacher helps to remind them thru stories and lessons the precious relation ship they have with the Saviour.
  • Teen Group (Adrain Hall, Teen Room)
    We live in a day when our young people are experienceing temptations from every corner. In times like these we need youth ministers with the Spiritual courage and Biblical knowledge to assist our young people in combating these temptations. Youth Leaders work with the parents as an addititional arm of support and assistance. Saguaro Hills young people receive a Bible-based education with real world solution to the most difficult questionsof our day.
  • Ladies Class (Main Auditorium, Choir Room)
    Provides unique topical lessons, improving your understanding of Bible doctrine and truth. (Currently studing in the book of Revelations.)
  • Adult Class (Main Auditorium)
    Provides a true educational experience. Will challege each believer to step beyond their current knowledge of God's word opening new chapters in faith and growth.